What is Crossgolf?

What is Crossgolf?

Crossgolf, Urban Golf or Street Golf is a ball game in which a small ball has to be hit with a golf club as few strokes as possible against, through or into a previously defined target. While Urban Golf and Street Golf are primarily played in the city, Crossgolf is also made up of parking and school facilities. As a goal, virtually anything imaginable can be used, which corresponds to the imagination, but it must not cause any personal injury or damage to animals or property. Responsible cross golfers therefore play with the harmless hard foam balls by almostGolf!


In contrast to classic golf, the urban variant is played wherever it is not explicitly forbidden. For this reason, one needs e.g. no membership and does not have to enter any club and the game operation is also not regulated in time. The rules are not only fundamentally different from the course golf, but also between the free game and a cross golf tournament, because each organizer can set individual rules. As a top maxim, however, every off-golfer has the three most important rules written on the flag:

  • Safety First!
  • Fair Play!
  • Have Fun!

At the end of a tournament, the one who has needed the fewest strokes has won. In the cross golf tournaments, the number of lanes varies between 9 and 18, optional or including bonus tracks. Here the goals are defined before the start of the game and the players are divided into flights (number of players per group).